Empowering companies to use their first-party data to understand their audience

How it started

In 2020, the Futurety team recognized a need for a user-friendly and privacy-conscious alternative to traditional market research and persona building. Whether we were with a government agency, a higher education institution or a healthcare system, many projects started the same: using a third-party to conduct audience analysis. Unfortunately, we found those third-party platforms to be slow, expensive and inaccurate.

This realization inspired us to create HUCKLE, a groundbreaking SaaS platform to create the most accurate, fastest and cost-effective persona possible.

How it’s going

Today, HUCKLE takes things to the next level. We don’t just help you build your buyer persona; we help you maximize the value of your first-party data.

Imagine getting comprehensive buyer personas and audience profiles in a matter of minutes, not months. Imagine effortlessly creating targeted campaigns on Google, Facebook, Instagram, and email based on these segments. And now, imagine receiving real-time data about these campaigns, allowing you to optimize your marketing budget on the fly.

You might think you need the best persona builder, an exceptional ad tech platform, and a fantastic marketing analytics dashboard.

But with HUCKLE, you have everything you need in one powerful solution.

At HUCKLE, we believe in a consumer-centric approach where customers receive what they want, not what companies assume they want