Build the Perfect Buyer Persona with HUCKLE

Imagine having complete buyer personas and audience profiles delivered in minutes.

HUCKLE, from Futurety, is a SaaS platform that analyzes your customer data in a secure environment, and compares your customer data with millions of consumer data sources.

The result? The most accurate, fastest and most cost effective buyer persona possible. We guarantee it!

What is the age and income of your typical customer? Do they own a cat, dog or horse? Do they spend their weekends on a motorcycle or a boat? Do they knit, garden or read best-selling novels? Do they like watching football, playing football or collecting football memorabilia? HUCKLE can tell you that and much, much, more. Create your buyer persona in fifteen minutes or less. 

Examples of consumer insights include:


Age, Gender, Income, Geography, Home Ownership, and Education


Pets, Arts, Sports, Parenting, High Tech, Home and Garden, Cooking and Wine


Automotive, Boating, Motorcycle, Reading, Home Improvement, Travel, and Physical Fitness


Home Value, Net Worth, Income, Credit Card Usage, Charitable Donations, and Investor Status