Using traditional market research methods, gathering insights at this level would take months of surveying and focus groups, large budgets, and a dedicated team of analysts combing through subjective results.

Traditional market research, including phone surveys and focus groups, also comes with inherent participant bias. HUCKLE analyzes real consumer behavior and buying habits.

HUCKLE allows for more targeted outreach and an increased likelihood of connecting with your audience when it matters. Compared to traditional market research methods here’s how HUCKLE stacks up:


HUCKLE can compare hundreds, thousands, and even millions of data points, making it easy to understand your audience.


The average cost of traditional market research studies can range between $25,000 and $50,000. Our pricing starts at only $5,000 – a small fraction of that price.


Collecting surveys and organizing focus groups can take months, if not longer. HUCKLE can analyze your data and provide results in minutes!


Results come from customer purchasing history, public records, and consumer activity and are not susceptible to recency bias, observer bias, groupthink, false responses or other flaws associated with qualitative research.