Know Your Audience Like Never Before With HUCKLE – The Customer Research Software

Uncover deep, actionable insights into your audience’s demographics, psychographics, and lifestyle attributes through the first SaaS based, self-service, customer research software. Upload a customer file and access real audience behavior in minutes.


“HUCKLE provided us with a quick and simple solution to better understand a subset of our customers and what their interest and purchasing practices were.  This armed us with critical knowledge to market more effectively and drive higher engagement with look-a-like audiences going forward.  I highly recommend HUCKLE as the perfect solution to better know who your customers are and improve your marketing efforts.”

Ryan Ray
Director of Marketing Analytics & Performance
Bob Evans Restaurants

“I was truly impressed with not just the insights I gleaned from HUCKLE, but with how intuitive everything was. I can see this being a very valuable tool for any marketer, and something that can enable them to share important data and trends within their larger organization.”

Anthony Gilroy
Senior Director of Marketing
Steinway & Sons


How many customer profiles does HUCKLE use?

HUCKLE compares your data to over 260 million US customer profiles.

Where does the data come from?

HUCKLE’s data comes from a large and diverse range of sources including: consumer purchasing data, credit card transactions, shopper and loyalty card activity, real estate and property data, automotive and vehicle registration data, new mover data, public records, telephone records, change of address forms, voter registrations, bankruptcy filings, self reported information, and census data.

Is the data accurate?

TruthSet, an independent third party, compared HUCKLE data sources with other leading providers and found that HUCKLE performed 17% better than average for overall demographics, age, and gender, and 36% better than average for lifestyle attributes in key demographics. HUCKLE ranked as a top provider in each of those categories.

Does HUCKLE sell my data?

No, HUCKLE does not sell any of your data.

Is my data safe?

Yes! HUCKLE follows all state and federal data privacy standards and does not disclose personal information about its users. Your data is anonymized immediately after to ensure no customer’s individual data can be accessed.

Do you use my data to train HUCKLE?

No! We do not use your data to train our product. HUCKLE is designed to analyze and interpret your data and your data only.

How many records do I need to get started?

We require a minimum of 2,500 records to get started with HUCKLE. Uploading 2,500 records ensures statistical significance of your audience segments.